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Assist restaurants to increase air change

The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) launched a voluntary declaration scheme on air changes in catering premises in mid October 2020, allowing restaurants to declare that their premises’ ventilation system meets the required air change per hour for identification by the public. The government recommends that restaurants should increase air circulation to achieve at least 6 air changes per hour.
​We provide the installation and consultation services to assist catering premises to fulfill the relevant specifications:
  • Supply and install air purification equipment
  • Calculating the required air exchange rate for the premises
  • Assist in completing the declaration to the FEHD

Air Purification System

The restaurant is required to provide the following information so that we can calculate the air change required between the seats in the venue and assess the number of air filters that need to be installed:
  • The total area of all seats in the restaurant
  • Measured from the floor between the seats to the height of the ceiling (the maximum setting is 3 meters)  
  • The ventilation system supplies fresh outdoor air to the air supply between the seats

Air Purification System

The air purifiers that we introduce are complied with the world highest standard. Our air purifiers equip with the highest quality filters and built-in sensors to efficiently remove airborne pollutants such as aerosols, formaldehyde, harmful gases, molds, and suspended particles with size down to 0.003μm in diameter.
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Our Clients

We continuously improve the quality of our products and services. We attach great importance to establish long-term mutual trust with customers, and actively and properly solve customer's demand.
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