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IAQ Certification Scheme

In 2003, EPD launched the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Certification Scheme to encourage public and private organisations to adopt good IAQ management practices and, according to their situation and needs, pursue the best level of indoor air quality. Offices or public places served by mechanical ventilation and air conditioning (MVAC) systems (excluding window-type air-conditioners or split-type air-conditioners) are eligible to join the IAQ Certification Scheme.
The Certification Scheme aims to:
  • recognize good IAQ management practices; and
  • provide incentives for owners of premises/buildings or property management companies to pursue the best level of IAQ.

Industry Validated Certification

Hong Kong is the first place in the East Asian region to introduce a certification scheme for IAQ. By the end of 2015, about 1200 premises in Hong Kong had obtained IAQ certificates, including office buildings, shopping malls, club houses, educational institutions, hotels and other public places. Any organisation or individual interested in joining or looking for a better understanding of the IAQ Certification Scheme can obtain more information from the IAQ Information Centre.

Consultation for Applicants

Public or private spaces with mechanical ventilation and central air conditioning systems, are eligible to participate in the scheme. And the examples are office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, theaters, and funeral parlors.
In order to participate in the accreditation scheme, the premises/building owner or management company needs to have the qualified consultant for the improvement of indoor air quality. Also, the consultant will conduct an indoor air quality test and then to validate the IAQ level of the premises/buildings. 
We provide assistance for applicants for the IAQ program. Within the scope of Scheme (please refer to Figure 1 below), the rate will be quoted accordingly. If you are interested in this program and want to know more, you can submit the form to make an appointment with our IAQ consultant.

1. IAQ objectives for offices and public places


2. This service will be provided by IAQ Certificate Issuing Body

IAQ labels for certification against the Old IAQ Objectives:

辦公室及公眾場所室內空氣質素檢定証書 - 良好級
辦公室及公眾場所室內空氣質素檢定証書 - 卓越級
辦公室及公眾場所室內空氣質素檢定証書 - 良好級
辦公室及公眾場所室內空氣質素檢定証書 - 卓越級

IAQ labels for certification against the New IAQ Objectives:

3. Flow chart for application procedure

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