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Trade In Offer

Upgrade to Well井 at a discounted price with any brand of old water station.
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Beyond A Water Station

Well井 is the Chinese character for water well, a water source that traditionally cultivates and nurtures a community.

Well井 serves all “well-being” high quality filtered water in a sustainable way and enables a Bring-Your- Own-Bottle refill culture.

Beyond a water station, Well井 is an interactive and sleek platform that engages us to pursue a sustainable lifestyle.

Is it safe to use water dispenser?

Due to the epidemic, the nozzles of most water dispensers are likely to become virus transmission media. The water outlet is easy to contaminate and breed bacteria. The frequency of filter replacement is unclear, which definitely endangers water safety.

WELL井 vs Water Dispensers

Well vs drinking fountain comparison table (eng).png

One-click water

Water filling position and button height are convenient for children and wheelchair users

Hidden water outlet

Avoid contact and contamination to ensure safety and hygiene

External pedal

Hands-free refilling ensures hygiene

Custom cleaning program

Regularly flush the internal throat to reduce bacterial growth

10" LCD screen

  • Real-time display of water usage and accumulated reduction in plastic bottles
  • Serve as a promotional platform to showcase customer images or videos

NSF certification

  • NSF Certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42 and 53
  • Lead removal filter​
  • Reduces chlorine taste, odor and other offensive contaminants
  • Reduces dirt and particles as small as 0.5 micron in size

Intelligent data management and reporting

  • The number of plastic bottles saved.
  • The working condition of the water machine.
  • The drinking habits and usage rate of users.


We continuously improve the quality of our products and services. We attach great importance to establish long-term mutual trust with customers, and actively and properly solve customer's demand.
Over 100 schools join WELL井 water network

Photo credit: Urban Spring Co. Ltd.


Exclusive offer

Many businesses and schools have installed Well井 Smart Water Dispensers, encouraging users to refill their own water bottles. The smart dispensers also integrate environmental data, such as carbon footprint, allowing users to see the reduction in plastic waste.

We offer a "Trade Up" promotion for businesses and schools. Contact us for more information.
CleAIR is dedicated to provide customers with the best Energy Saving+Green+Clean Smart Solutions. In addition to enhancing air and water quality for customers, we also help corporates achieve energy saving and carbon reduction goals. Welcome to contact us for more information.
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