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Biodegradable Products
100% Compostable

Our biodegradable products are made from starch found in plants, such as corn. This plant-based material is 100% biodegradable and compostable, which can be decomposed into natural and nutrient-rich elements and turn back to the soil as fertilizers.

CleAIR's 100% Compostable Products

Our plant-based material products are produced as if they were made of conventional plastics. However, they are biodegradable within 180 days and 100% compostable. All of our product packaging are also made of compostable materials too. A selection of our compostable products are now available in CleSHOPMake it part of your green solutions today!

For commercial and home use

For gardening and agriculture

We offer a range of compostable gardening and agricultural supplies that provide plants with good ventilation and light absorption. After decomposed, they become natural fertilizers, providing nutrient-rich soil for plants to grow.

Thinking of creating your custom Green Bags?

Custom style / size / thickness / printing
訂造獨一無二的 Green Bag

Why choose CleAIR's
100% compostable products?

Conventional plastics are difficult to decompose while the biodegradable ones are simply mixed with additives to accelerate degradation. In fact they are much harmful to the environment. CleAIR's 100% compostable products can be naturally decomposed into natural elements, which not only reduce the burden on landfills, but also protect our ecological environment.
Compostable vs biodegradable eng.jpg

Certified by International Standards

CleAIR's 100% compostable products have been certified by EU EN 13432 and US ASTM D6400 standards, which require the materials to be converted at least 90% of the materials into carbon dioxide within 180 days, while a self-test result shows that our compostable products can be completely decomposed in 96 days!

Demonstration of Biodegradation during Food Waste Treatment  

CleAIR's 100% compostable bags can integrate with food waste processors for food waste recycling and transportation.

When carrying out "biological anaerobic or aerobic food waste processing",
our compostable bags can be completely absorbed into the biological process, saving the step of manually picking out plastic bags. The powder generated through food waste processing can be recycled into various biodegradable products.

Sustainable development

Sustainable development has always been our focus in order to let our next generation continue to enjoy the natural resources on earth. Our products are made primarily from plant starch, a renewable resource which can be regrown every year. It can be part of our green solution to reduce plastic waste too.

Recycle into compost

While plastic does not decompose readily, our products can decompose in a short period of time, only releasing water, carbon dioxide and the inorganic compounds. The remains of the decomposition will turn into compost.

Reduce carbon emissions

The CO2 emissions from the production of naturally degraded raw materials are only 25% of the production of petroleum refining rubber, which can greatly reduce the cause of the greenhouse effect.
CleAIR is dedicated to provide customers with the best Energy Saving+Green+Clean Smart Solutions. In addition to enhancing air and water quality for customers, we also help corporates achieve energy saving and carbon reduction goals. Welcome to contact us for more information.
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