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Ventilation assessment and air purifiers for schools

The COVID-19 variant is spreading in ​Hong Kong. To ensure the satisfactory ventilation situation, schools are required to review the ventilation in the premises and purchase air purifiers to improve the ventilation as necessary.
​We provide the following services to assist schools to fulfill the relevant requirements:
  • Provide site inspection and ventilation assessment report
  • Supply and install air purifiers which fulfil FEHD's requirement
  • Issue certificate on ventilation system

Ventilation assessment

The HK Government suggests that schools should appoint a contractor to conduct a comprehensive ventilation inspection for the school premises. We provide ventilation assessment service and assist schools to purchase air purification devices.
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Air purifier in compliance with FEHD specifications

We recommend using Airgle air purifiers. Airgle has been tested by Biosafety level-3 laboratory in USA and have been proven to effectively eliminate >99.998% of COVID-19, and have been used by major hospitals around the world.

All models of Airgle air purifiers are listed in the "FEHD Air Purification Equipment", which meet the school's procurement requirements.
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Airgle air purifier

  • H14 grade HEPA filter: filter out fine suspended particles, bacteria, viruses, allergens (such as pollen and dust mites), and smoke, and the efficiency of filtering particles as small as 0.003 micron and effectiven as high as 99.999%.
  • The U.S. patented photocatalyst UVC filter: UVC lamp power is as high as 14W, and the sterilization efficiency is as high as 99.9999%.
  • Premium activated carbon filter: up to 2.6 kg of activated carbon to filter formaldehyde, decoration odor and peculiar smell.
  • 100% sealed design: capture pollutants on the filter with no leakage, which keeps the motor and the fan free from pollutants. 

Onsite warranty and filter replacement service

We provide up to 5 year onsite warranty and filter replacement service for models: AG600 - AG900. In addition, we also provide extended warranty, giving you more confidence to have our products. 
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Our clients

We continuously improve the quality of our products and services. We attach great importance to establish long-term mutual trust with customers, and actively and properly solve customer's demand.
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Projects in education

  • Nursery and kindergartens: Po Leung Kuk Group, Sheng Kung Hui Group, Yan Oi Tong Group, Cannan Group
  • Primary and secondary schools: Government schools, Baptist Church Group, Sheng Kung Hui Group, Tung Wah Group
  • Tertiary institutions: The University of Hong Kong, The Chinese University of Hong Kong,  The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, The Hong Kong Polytechnic Univerity, The Hong Kong Metropolitan Univerity
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