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Embracing Green Technology: TWGHs Li Chi Ho Primary School's Journey with the "Farm Lab"

TWGHs Li Chi Ho Primary School has become the first to experience the locally developed "Farm Lab", offering a new technological experience to teachers and students. The "Farm Lab" integrates intelligence, engaging STEM teaching, scientific exploration, and campus cultivation, fostering student exploration of agricultural technology and smart farming through green technology.

Farm Lab

Agrivoltaics : Efficient Use of Land Resources

The "Farm Lab" utilizes agrivoltaics, using solar panels to generate renewable energy for the farming system. This reduces crop exposure to intense light, conserves water, and promotes an eco-friendly environment for crop growth.


Empowering Students with IoT Control and Monitoring

The "Farm Lab" incorporates an IoT smart control and monitoring system, enabling students to remotely manage crop growth conditions using tablets. They can collect, monitor, and analyze various data, achieving true smart farming.

For instance, students can observe soil temperature, humidity, and schedule irrigation through the IoT control system, optimizing crop quality and yield while reducing labor costs.

IoT Smart Control and Monitoring

LED Illumination: Learning from Experiments

The "Farm Lab" features smart LED illumination and irrigation systems. Teachers and students can experiment with different spectra provided by the LED lights, observe plant responses, and learn to select the optimal spectra for different crops through hands-on experiments.

  • Carotenoids generally absorb blue light and have two key functions in plants and algae: absorbing light energy for photosynthesis; and protecting chlorophyll from photooxidative damage.

  • Chlorophyll a and Chlorophyll b have similar absorption spectra, both having an absorption peak in the violet-blue region (430~480 nm) and red region (640~660 nm), while chlorophyll ab absorbs very little green light, so it appears green.

LED Illumination

Teacher Training and Teaching Support

We offer teacher training to familiarize them with the concept and operations of the "Farm Lab." Additionally, we provide schools with easily implementable courses that integrate modern agriculture, eco-friendly living, and STEM technology, enabling students to gain interdisciplinary knowledge and skills during the cultivation process.

Teacher Training
Teacher Training

CleAIR Group Limited

We are committed to environmental protection and advocating the concept of sustainable development. With our leading industry knowledge, we offer a series of solutions to assist enterprises to incorporate with the ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance). We are the "IAQ Contractors", "IAQ Consultant", and "IAQ Control Facility Suppliers" of the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department. If you would like to learn more about our services and products, please contact us for more information.



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