Formaldehyde and VOC Removal, Antibacterial, and Anti-Mold Coating Service



A one-time treatment provides long lasting protection

The Japan Engineered Hybrid Photocatalyst treatment is the most effective solution for the following situations and will last up to 10 years with a single treatment.
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Ideal for both new and old homes

The Japan Engineered Hybrid Photocatalyst function is not limited to eliminate formaldehyde and VOC, but also has strong antibacterial, anti-viral, anti-mildew and anti-odor effects.

A team of top Japanese technician 

The service is supervised by the Japanese certified technician. The technician has the superior qualifications and a great deal of work experience.

Premium Quality

Japanese engineered treatment process

Hybrid Photocatalyst

Remove formaldehyde and more

Highest Standard Criteria

The source that contains formaldehyde and the amount of bacteria are safe

Five Years of Warranty

Five years of warranty and free on-site inspections

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