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Customer must pay in full within 2 days to confirm the work.


Please follow these steps and arrange the area before the treatment.

Contact us

Please provide the dimensions of the area, building's name, address, an approximate date of moving. It will be helpful for us to evaluate and provide quotation for you.

  • Non office hours:You can submit the online form or email us. We will get back to you the next working day.

Before the treatment

  1. Basic site condition before work: Client must clean up the site thoroughly. 

  2. For newly renovated site:

    • Renovation must be completed, site cleaned up, all furniture in place.

    • Open all windows, cabinet doors and drawers 1-2 days in advance.

    • Hang up all curtains (wash the old curtains).

    • Wash old air conditioner filter.

    • Unpack the new mattress one day in advance.

  3. If Indoor humidity is too high for application of photocatalyst, we will re-schedule working day with client.

During the treatment

  1. Certified photocatalyst technician measures formaldehyde and bacterium readings, checks the condition of mold (if any), formulates the ingredients of hybrid photocatalyst, sprays hierarchically. 

  2. Re-measure formaldehyde and bacterium level after work:

    • Formaldehyde < 0.08ppm

    • Bacterium < 1,500RLU

After the treatment

  1. Since it takes 3-10 days to totally decompose formaldehyde, clients are recommended to open windows after application for 3-5 hours daily for one week. All cabinet doors should be opened to facilitate indoor air circulation to expedite decomposing of formaldehyde.

  2. Residence is suitable to live the same day after job completion. Photocatalyst raw materials were made by environmental friendly organic ingredients. Colorless, odorless, with no side effect to human or pets.

  3. The newly developed and patented photocatalyst could function without light.

  4. The top coat of photocatalyst is strong enough to enhance under normal wear and tear from daily cleaning with detergent, but on no account should it be damaged by metal brush or sharp objects.

Warranty terms

Five-year warranty period

  1. Provide two free onsite visits for formaldehyde and bacteria measurement during the warranty period.

  2. The first two tests are free, and each subsequent measurement costs HK$1,000.

  3. If the exceeding level of formaldehyde and bacteria been measured during the warranty period, we will provide free treatment for customers.

Exclusion of warranty

  1. New furniture and renovation works carried out after the treatment of photocatalyst.

  2. Any damage done to photocatalyst membrane caused by vandalism.

  3. Normal wear and tear.

  4. Any damage caused during routine maintenance and cleaning by mishandling and/or misuse of cleaning agent and hand tools.

  5. Areas with constant contact with water: such as sealer edges of bathtub and sink.