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eClean天然清潔劑 + 藍光霧化消毒噴
  • eClean Super Alkaline Water + Disinfectant Spray

    eClean Super Alkaline Water is an all-natural household cleaner that prioritizes environmental preservation. Utilizing Japanese easy water technology and incorporating four key features, eClean effectively removes oil, stains, and odors while simultaneously sterilizing surfaces.



    • 99.7% purified water
    • Alcohol and chemical free
    • Degreasing
    • High efficient in emulsifying oil
    • Deodorizing
    • Bottled in Hong Kong

    Disinfectant Spray Gun

    • Simply add your preferred cleaning and disinfecting agent
    • Provide rapid and effective disinfection of large areas
    • With a 2-stage spray intensity adjustment
      HK$598.00 Regular Price
      HK$498.00Sale Price