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  • Disinfectant Spray

    • Add cleaning and disinfecting agent to use
    • Rapid disinfection of large areas
    • Spray intensity 2-stage adjustment
    • Can be used together with eClean / HiroSan


    Product information

    • Bottle capacity: 380ml
    • Spray distance: 1~1.5m
    • Charging voltage: DC3.7V
    • Charging method: USB-C
    • Weight: 650g
    • Color: pearl white
    • Size: 24.6×7.2×21.4cm

    Precautions :
    Please use the atomizing gun upright, do not use it upside down or lay it flat
    Do not spray on the face or wound while using
    The body and charging port are not waterproof, please do not wash or immerse in water
    Do not use oily and corrosive liquids