Ceiling Mounted Air Purification System

Alpward, a top of the line Swiss made air purifier has been well received by users for many years. Thanks to its ultra purification efficiency, flexibility and intelligent control design. It can be installed on the wall and ceiling, is ideal for schools, hospitals, hotels, commercial buildings and detached houses and large units condominium.

All Rounded and Powerful

The Alpward AD-01 series is designed for use in variety of environment, and to reliably remove particles, air-borne bacteria and viruses as well as noxious chemical gases and odours.

Durable and Reliable Parts

Reliable parts including high efficiency HEPA filter, German-made EBMpapst fan, patented plasma whirl technology.
Allow Centralised Smart Control
Compact-sized for limited installation space

Major Application and Ways of Installation

A. Fresh Air Purification
Build to deliver fresh air into every corner in any size of space, ideal for commercial buildings, residential buildings, schools and other types of indoor environment.
B. Internal Circulation
Clean air circulates in enclosed area free from outdoor air and temperature interfering, which suitable for commercial and industrial buildings, residential, schools and etc.
C. Pressurized Application
This configuration apply mostly for hospitals, smoking rooms, cleaning rooms and places that need highest clean air quality and can quickly eliminate air pollution. 

Select Models and Installation

Alpward air purifier installation requires air quality test and piping layouts, that involves technical support from IAQ consultants and installation constructors. If you would like to know which unit is suitable for installation, please feel free to contact us for inquiry.

Product Specifications

Alpward Filter Option Overview