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Airgle Air Purifier

Simply fill out the online form and submit it to us for evaluation. If you are satisfied with the offering price, you can complete the upgrade procedure over the phone. The process is quick and easy.

Highest CADR Air Purifier

Airgle has been obtained many international acclaims and ranked as the highest clean air output (CADR) air purifier by AHAM for many years. Airgle's performance is not estimated using the manufacturer's assumptions, but by an independent authority testing agencies, this unique certification set a new standard for professional air purification.
AHAM Verified

How to trade-in?

  1. Use the form below to provide information on your existing air purifier. We will give you an estimated value by phone or email within 2 working days.​
  2. If you accept the offering price, simply reply to us and we will arrange the delivery with a simple payment method.
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Recycling Program

We offer recycling of your unwanted air purifiers. Depending on usage, we will transfer them to charitable and non-profit organizations or donate the recyclable materials to local recyclers help to reduce waste for the environment.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. The actual value of the rebate depends on the air purifier's model, condition, and depreciation.

  2. Not all air purifiers are eligible for trade-in rebates. We only accept specific models of air purifier. 

  3. The final amount will be based on the condition of the air purifier and whether it complies with the description you provided in the valuation. CleAIR reserves the right to refuse or restrict any air purifier's participation in this offer for any reason.

  4. In any case, once the transaction is completed, the trade-in product will not be returned.

  5. This offer cannot be used in conjunction with other promotions.

  6. In the event of any dispute, CleAIR reserves the right to make the final decision.