Air Purification Program

Complete solution for all indoor air pollution

Formaldehyde and VOC Removal, Antibacterial and Anti-Mold Coating Service

The service is supervised by the certified Japanese technicians, which is using 100% Japan imported latest 5 Nanometer Platinum Hybrid Photocatalyst. Applying long-lasting and protective coatings to remove  formaldehyde, VOCs, bacteria, mold, and odors after renovation. Plus, the service comes with a five-year warranty.

Professional Air Purifiers

Top performance like no other

Movable Air Purifier

Air purifier is the most convenient way to improve indoor air quality, which can handle most indoor air pollutions. We introduce the air purifier with excellent performance and suitable for any indoor environment.

Ceiling-mount Air Purifier

Ceiling-mount air purifiers are suitable for existing central air-conditioning systems. Combined with flexible piping design, the ceiling-mount air purifiers enhance overall indoor air quality and ideal for schools, hospitals, commercial buildings, and residential units.