About Us

CleAIR is dedicated to provide customers with the best solution for greater indoor air quality. We have long been supporting of the concept of sustainable development for environmental protection and initiatives. We provide indoor air testing and monitoring, air purification systems, formaldehyde & voc removal service, antibacterial & anti-mold service, and many more related products and services.

Our Clients

We listen to the needs of our customers and value great importance to staffs training, and continuously improve the quality of our products and services. We are committed to providing our customers with effective air and water purification solutions. We attach great importance to establish long-term mutual trust with customers, and actively and properly solve customer's ardent demand.

For Better Environment

We are strong advocate of social and environmental responsibility. When come to deal with used filter elements, we'll donate the recyclable materials to local recyclers that will reduce amount of waste for the environment. We are also actively participate in charitable activities. By giving lectures, consulting services and lending filtration systems to schools and non-profit organizations.

Creating a Healthy Living Space

CleAIR motto is "create a healthy living space" and we're committed to provide complete solutions for air purification and clean water system.

The company has been established in Hong Kong for more than a decade and has gained confidence from peers and customers. We also have affiliates in both China and Macau to collaborate in product research and development, in addition to customer service and installation service.

We are member of the Hong Kong Indoor Air Association. We equip with precision instruments, to give professional and comprehensive indoor air quality testing for business and household customers, to identify the source of pollution and provide solutions.

The air filtration systems that we have selected are certified by a third party, which has complied with international standards. We recommend the AHAM-certified purification system which ensure that the Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) is the highest level of excellence.

We're actively collaborate with academics, governments, corporations and community organizations to educate public awareness of solving air and water pollution.